Since 1993, Sean Bell of Board Foot, Inc. has produced quality custom furniture for his clients. All pieces are designed and crafted by an experienced woodworker with over 15 years of quality furniture making. 

Furniture today needs to be functional. With Board Foot, it can also be elegant, durable, and distinguished. Since every piece is unique to the client and their situation, every detail of every piece is craftsman planned. Our craftsman can create treasured items from domestic and exotic hardwoods, laminate, veneer, and solid form boards. 

But the material is just the beginning, since in today's complicated world, simply elegant pieces need to address multiple needs, like form and function. In many pieces, we are asked to conceal an array of electronic components. The pieces we build often are used to house the items of a home entertainment system, while being a well made piece of art. In other cases, the main function of the piece is to be an attention grabbing conversation piece. For example, the kidney shaped bar in mahogany. The customer was pleased with the lines and grace of the piece, but was amazed at the added storage space and the detailing of the interior. 

Once the design is determined that will satisfy the function and the material is selected to both provide beauty and strength, the finer details of hardware and finish can be decided. Or, in some cases, this comes first. As with the client who needed to match existing cabinetry coloring, but wanted a new piece with more functionality. The finishing touches are no small details at Board Foot, where great care is placed in selecting the right enhancements to make the piece
just what is needed.

We invite you to look at some of the samples. To view a full picture album of our work, please click here. Or, contact us by phone, fax or email for a free consultation. 


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