• Independent development studio and publisher
  • Specialist software and web development contractors

PC and emulation gaming front end and home theatre PC software, offering an abundance of features and functionality.

Video game resource and edutainment site featuring 1000's of videos, manuals, music and media for arcade, home, console and computer systems from the last 30 years.

PinballX is a free digital pinball front end designed for digital pinball cabinets brought to you from the creator of GameEx.

Convert - IT software suite. Simple to use yet powerful software for your multimedia needs.

Free Flash video game site with 1000's of games and new quality games added daily.

By working directly with you to provide cost effective software and Information Technology, we can bring improvements and value to your business. We work directly with your IT Personnel and managers so they can accomplish their goals in a more efficient and productive way. With our help, you will utilize your systems and IT better, without extensive capital appropriation on your part. For smaller organisations, we can help find solutions that are often only available to large corporations; and we aim to exceed your expectations by offering valuable solutions, not increasing your IT Budget exponentially.

We have over 20 years experience in software development, IT support, software implementations, client/server and thin client networking. With special insider knowledge of IT in large corporations, and a specific flair for the pharmaceutical services industry, Spesoft can bring innovation to all types of businesses.

Contact us today, for a no obligation call to show how we can provide you with better, more advanced, more effective, business driven IT. Through software development, IT and business cost savings through custom web applications, and technical expansions to your existing business systems, use our expertise to help streamline your business.

Are you looking for consultancy or development for Windows Media Centre Edition? Spesoft is one of the few companies worldwide that has expertise in this area, and has developed one of the most advanced and successful plug-ins available to date. If you need help with new in process or out of process applications, converting applications, or just making your software compatible with MCE, you will want to talk to us.

To be a little more technical about some things that we can provide:

Advanced dynamic Web applications using Microsoft .net leveraging or feeding from your existing systems.

Web based portals, web based reporting and add-ons to your ERP, Finance and other Systems.

High speed secure web applications, traditional application development of original modules, or tweaking existing programs in MS Access, Lotus Notes, C++, or Visual Basic.

PHP and MySQL on Windows Servers.

Expert advice or installations of messaging and other systems.

IT Software Support for your IT Support staff.

Modern development of TV/HTPC applications for Windows Media Centre, or stand-alone programs.

Professional Web sites with automatic fresh content such as rss feeds, and news administration interface. With the latest dynamic technologies, make your homepage more than just an online brochure.

Intranets/Portals to empower your employees 24/7 that are low-cost, and can be maintained with little technical knowledge.

Advice on software and system purchases, by finding the right solution and saving money, as well as advice on Open Source free alternatives.

Networking solutions for smaller companies, that provide secure VPN access to your network for pennies a day, or extend your network with established and low-cost technologies to give presentations or access the web wirelessly in your conference room.

Using Windows Media Centre to provide an integrated remote controlled experience to your boardroom, showing electronic videos and pictures. Let us develop custom software to provide data from your ERP system, or specific web feeds, which can be controlled via a remote control on a TV. Be assured, you will be working with one of the pioneers in this area.