Spesoft is pleased to offer the following products globally on the world wide web.

GameEx - Gaming and home theatre PC software offering an abundance of features and functionality. Acts as a plug in for Windows Media center edition, or a full home theatre solution for other versions of windows.
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Slingfront - HTPC (10 foot) Front End for Slingboxes

Slingfront is windows front end software built to allow access to your Slingboxes in a media center, HTPC 10 foot environment. ie For viewing on a TV with a remote control.

Spesoft Backup

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Spesoft Backup provides you with a fast, powerful, stable and robust way to allow you to backup changes to a folder to another folder, network location or FTP site. It will also produce a command line to run the job again or automatically for scheduling.


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This is a very simple XBMC VPN add on for Windows.

Unzip and run the executable to configure and install. Once you have entered the details and accepted, the plugin will install and be available as a program in XBMC as VPN - Dial and VPN - Disconnect.

There is no license other than no liability for use of is accepted and no warranty given. Otherwise you may do whatever you wish with this.

This was written for myself and is for windows only and there is no internal XBMC configuration available as that suits my needs.


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Current Version 1.01

A small freeware program to allow complete control of windows media center with a gamepad or joystick.

The application runs in the background as a tray ICON, automatically detects connected devices, and buttons can be completely configured.

Practically all Windows Media Center functions can be performed, including launching the program

If you get some good use out of this software please consider making a donation (see the top of the page)


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Current Version 2.00
19th February 2020

MNGer is media player for MNG videos/animations.

It associates MNG files with the player upon setup, and is a very quick, nice easy way to play MNG videos, and also plays supporting audio if available

Its simple to setup, configure and simple to use, and works just like any basic Media Player.

After setup either launch the application, or just double click on a MNG file to play.

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Freeware scripts to automate Webalizer to produce Statistics for all IIS Web Sites on the Machine that they are run on.
It can process all Logs, or Logs within a given date range.

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IISAWSTATS is a freeware application that when run will create statistics for all IIS web sites on the machine it is run on.

It processes all logs on the server/workstation, and without configuration downloading or installing any other programs creates static pages, by using the included AWSTATS and Perl for your entire history of logs.

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Freeware Visual Basic .net Multi Threaded Windows Service WebServer Source Code

If your looking for simple source code to develop a visual basic .net web server. Then look no further, you've found what you are looking for.

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VB.net Streaming MP3 Server Source Code After a lot of googling and research and a few sleepless nights and damn hard work, I figured how to build a streaming mp3 server in vb.net using a variation of the shoutcast protocol, tweaked slightly so the streams should download from a web browser. The good news is I have saved you all the hassle of figuring this work out your self. So if you're fatigued trying to do this in .net you've reached a good place. The project is a visual studio .net 2003 project and in vb.net. It includes everything you need including the lame encoding exe, bass dll's and my own vb.net bass library (including source code). It's not commented or perfect, but it should save you an infinite amount of work if your trying to do something like this.

Besides from the source code, its actually a pretty good application in itself, and with a few clicks you can stream your mp3/ogg audio files over a LAN, WAN or the internet.

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