19th March, 2023 - GameEx 18.38
In attempt to provide full configuration and access via GameEx Online with the web Setup Wizard for current and future projects the site now allows local directory and file browsing for remote paths. This will be also good for upcoming projects not on windows platforms. I learnt a little about jquery doing this for the popup browser on the site. This change requires an update to the client to work. I also moved back to .net 6 from .net 7. .net 7 actually seemed to perform worse and excluded older windows os versions such as 7. I've also spent some time optimizing and on Google page speed insights. So hopefully the sites should perform a little better for you on mobile devices. Note the remote browsing is a little slow as its client server.

15th January, 2023 - GameEx 18.36
  • Filtering Steam games installed is now optional and off by default.
  • Upgraded to .net 7 from 6.
  • Use the .net 4 version (still supported) for Windows versions below 10 now.

11th November, 2022 - Thank you.

I decided to go purely donation based a couple of months back. This was mainly due to overwhelming competition which alone I cannot keep up with. The competition is vast ranging from one commercial windows front end to many free RetroPie and Android solutions. I saw the writing on the wall post lockdown and trying to oprerate commercially in this field is a dying business. I believe there will be no succesful commercial front ends of any viabillity in two - three years time. Having said that I feel many still enjoy GameEx and PinballX, and download services and wish me to continue. I also enjoy it very much. Unfortunaly PayPal ditched me the other week. I can only assume they did not like the lose association I have with games and roms. They have the right as a business to serve who they like and from what I read, they do this frequently. Although I provide no illegal content here or anywhere and I pay my taxes.

I have new payment gateway options now and I ask if you enjoy my products and wish to support me you please switch your renewals over. My costs are not insignificant and I do not want to have to provide a lesser service. Thank you so much, Tom.

8th November, 2022 - GameEx 18.32

For complete MAME list customization if required you can now specify a custom listxml file.

6th November, 2022 - GameEx 18.31

New and updated HBMAME profile and download.

3rd November, 2022 - GameEx 18.30
  • Adds Retroarch emulator profiles for MAME 2013, 2013 Plus and 2010.
  • MAME Listxml files can now be used as map fiiles. Hyperlist, and MAME software lists were already supported.

25th October, 2022 - Don't try this at home! (but it works)

24th October, 2022 - GameEx 18.29
  • Fixes Windows XP compatibilty for installer out of the box
  • Why? I just don't know anymore.
  • Seriously, for Wine and ReactOS, and XP is still awesome!.
  • This is also the first release built on my new Ryzen 7950x DDR5 rig.
  • /ul>

23rd September, 2022 - GameEx 18.25
  • Fixes GameEx process sometimes staying active after exit.
  • Removed demo from installer. It was very dated and got in the way.

22nd September, 2022 - GameEx 18.24
  • Fixes Gamebase support.
  • Improved startup time.

20th September, 2022 - GameEx 18.23

GameEx 18.23 released.

Fixes database issues when used with map files.

Automatic updates are back and automated and synced with the releases on the forum. Arcade Edition has automatic updates too.

When using MAME software list hash xml files as map files the publisher and year fields are used.

The statistics and update download backgrounds have been AI upscaled.

28th August, 2022 - MAME Screensaver

After a 10 year hiatus MAMEScreenSaver is back working with latest MAME release.

Get it here.

28th August, 2022 - GameEx 18.15
  • Fixes marquee not changing when in screensaver.
  • Updates the links, descriptions and text labels for GameEx Online.

19th August, 2022 - GameEx 18.14
Improved APNG support thanks to Scutters.