27th May, 2024 - GameEx Mac Working Alpha
Working GamrEx Alpha version for Mac with instructions.

9th April, 2024 - Heads up .net 6 end of life

I'm one of the few to still care if you are running Windows 7 or even XP on a cabinet based setup but .net 6 is approaching end of life at the end of the year and assuming no issues; builds that use .net core based compile will be moving to the latest LTS release of .net (core based). This only supports the latest Microsoft Operating systems. I still plan to support .net 4 (not core based) until it is not possible to do so and this will be your way forward on Windows 7 and below down to and ancluding XP. The combined installers will just work but if you are on Windows 7 it will be swiched to the .net 4 build at end of the year if you update,

7th April, 2024 - GameEx 18.64
  • The CabControlFriendly setting works in arcade edition to stop paging with left and right.
  • Improved PinballX XML export to include dual screen games as vertical games.
  • Optimized code type coversions. May improve performace slightly
  • Latest version of .net 6 desktop runtime

26th March, 2024 - Instant Sheller 2.03
  • Registry fix for windows 10 and 11 to enable auto login with password
  • Previous version also fixed program group

Get it here.

26th March, 2024 - Instant Sheller 2.02
  • Adds new registry value to properly disable startup sound on latest Windows 11
  • Disables additional sounds added in Windows 11

Get it here.

25th February, 2024 - GameEx Android and :Linux

I've made good strides on the Android and Linux versions of GameEx.

You can try them and follow the progress here.

18th February, 2024 - GameEx 18.58
  • Updated to latest .net 6 desktop runtime but still the only regularly updated front end tthat supports Windows XP too other than RetroArch.
  • Removed a little fat from the GameEx executables.
  • Forgot to mention in the previous releaase but the TMDB API is working again and the Movie database within GameEx now supports your online streamed videos. It should build up quite nicely now.
  • If you receive false positives with Windows Defender, I have resolved this with Microsoft and you just need to update to the latest Windows Defender definitions.

14th February, 2024 - GameEx 18.57 - IPTV

I brought the TV functionality in GameEx up to this decade, removed the legacy stuff and it can now act as an IPTV client, supporting M3U plus, XMLTV, Xsream and VOD. It's very simple to configure and supports up to 20 playlists.

With this I also improved the http video streaming.

In addition I resolved several minor bugs and resolved a few exceptions that were being swallowed.


2nd February, 2024 - GameEx Multiplatform (Unity) Alpha

This is something I started in 2020. I have not made much progress until recently but now have the Windows x64 version nearly completed.

It originally started as a separate project but now it uses the same code base. 

Please consider an alpha version at this point just for feedback and testing. If you are new here please use the other GameEx installs.

The benefits of the multiplatform version:
- Few or no external dependencies. Just Unity/Mono.
- Eventually versions for other platforms such as Linux and Android.
- Setup will be web based leveraging GameEx online,
- Everything uses the same code base. All versions get updates.

- There is video support but no MKV support just yet.
- Will be missing some features but both Arcade and regular GameEx will be supported.



Extract to a location with write access. Then run one of three executables.

Download here


3rd December, 2023 - GameEx 18.55

Looking to remove any possible video or input lag GameEx will now lower its process prioirty to idle after launching an emulator.

Fixes to the sync refresh MAME display feature. I revisited all this and looked at GroovyMAME usage on an LCD. It will work with GroovyMAME but on a 5 year old mini PC I reverted to vanilla MAME in my new Chewlix build, I incestigated all this again and other than going with a Mister, your best bet in 2024 is to go for a G Sync monitor for MAME for no tearing and input lag on an flat panel.

In MAME attract mode the bezel will try to show the logo first if available rather than marquee. Looks mich nicer.

17th November, 2023 - GameEx 18.54

Video downloads for Steam working again.

15th November, 2023 - GameEx 18.53
  • New auto configuration ArcadePC TeknoParrot support.
  • Fixes to dialog box and auto update.

21st April, 2023 - GameEx 18.50

The .net 6 and .net 4 (XP and 32 bit) installers have been combined into a single installer. There is now just one download. This makes it easier and quicker for me to do releases and avoids confusion. To force the .net 4 install on 64 bit Windows 7 or newer set the compatibility to Windows XP or Vista.

Updated all VC runtimes to latest versions so they don't require windows updates or create surplus temporary files.

Updated .net 6 runtime to latest.

14th April, 2023 - GameEx 18.40
  • New emulator marquee art support. Note for the few using the monitor marquee support this path is now used instead of logos.
  • Completely removed all dependenices on .net framework 2 and it is now no longer installed as part of setup.
  • There are new upscaled MAME videos on the srerver, this time with interpolation to 60fps. Upscaled PinballX vertical videos currently processing.