4th January, 2022 - GameEx 17.17

Adds the all games list to GameEx Arcade Edition.

30th December, 2021 - GameEx 17.15

New feature to add and use an additional alternate emulator to launch MAME games with.

New emulator file/rom include and export filters.

29th December, 2021 - GameEx 17.14

Genres in Arcade Edition now lists and optimizes when other emulators (other than MAME) are used.

29th December, 2021 - GameEx 17.13

New Marquee display feature. Display maarquee and logo images on secondary display. Pretty much plug n play with few settings. Just enable in the setup wizard. If you wish to use images other than logos for emulators set the gameextender custom images folder for each emulator. This feature uses and enables gameextender and optrmizes gameextender viewer for local display.

12th December, 2021 - GameEx 17.11

The latest incarnation of the GameEx front end. Currently in testing.

This version moves GameEx, GameEx Arcade Edition and most of the libraries to .net 6 (Previously .net core).

The reason is simple - significant performance improvements. It even starts up in less than half the time for an initial install.

Windows 7 and greater 64 bit is supported.

It can run along side the regular release of GameEx and GameEx as long as installed in a different folder.

GameEx - "Just play your games".

This release also features optimized anf fadter Emumovies artwork downloading for all versions.


16th November, 2021 - Sale Ending

The 50% off everything sale ends December 5th,

To my American friends please have a safe and happy holiday

Use coupon code: 7ACE8

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17th October, 2021 - GameEx 17.02

GameEx 17.02 released

  • Fixes and updates for latest MAME versions.
  • History.dat XML support.
  • Updated MAME support files.
  • Fixes statistics not working.
  • Fixes issue where games would not launch if not logged onto GameEx Online.
  • Tweaked default MAME game filter.
  • Improved font scaling with default theme at 4K.

15th September, 2021 - NOTE: How to cancel

I get a lot of people contact me and ask how to cancel subscriptions. This is especially true in recent times when people are struggling. Please note that you can cancel your subscription in your own PayPal account. I do not need to do this for you.

Thsnk you. Tom.

9th September, 2021 - GameEx 17

New media playback features to GameEx for a change. Now features m3u and m3u plus support. Simply drop an m3u file or an internet shortcut into one of your video folders, and voila IPTV support.

A bit old school now but the GameEx DVD player now includes madVR support.

madVR support is automatic and now also works on GameEx 64 bit installs.

Fixes a rather annoying bug where the please wait animation will always stay on for a minimum of 2 seconds. So subsequently this release is a significant performance improvement.

4th September, 2021 - Updated login requirements

In order to improve security of our systems you can no longer login with your user name but only with your email address. Since user names are public information and email addresses are not this prevents a mallicious hacker from trying to exploit accounts with weak obvious passwords.

If you have trouble logging in to the FTP or GameEx Online please logout and login again to the forums.

30th July, 2021 - X Arcade GameEx Arcade build

I recently built a rig for a good friend. It used an X-Arcade Tank Stick and an Amazon certified refurbished Dell Optiplex connected to TV via a 25 foot HDMI cable. As well as running latest MAME with 60hz sync refresh support and Daphne with HD versions, it features all the third generation consoles which all tend to work well with Arcade Controls. I also added ColecoVision as he had an Adam as a kid.

28th July, 2021 - Lockdown Loco sale. Everything half price.

Lockdown Loco GameEx and Spesoft sale.

Everythinh half price until further notice.

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5th July, 2021 - GameEx 16.97

When using madVR the GameEx OSD is now rendered using hardware Direct3D.

4th July, 2021 - GameEx 16.96
  • Fixes MNG playback and support on 64 bit.
  • Supports attract mode videos in subfolders.
  • New option to display attract mode videos at correct aspect aspect ratio or stretch. Note: Now not stretched by default.