27th November, 2020 - GameEx on Intel Atom CPU

This is what is running on:

$150 USD

Although for emulation on a budget mini PC you are better off with something like this with a Celeron:

25th November, 2020 - GameEx 16.72

Improved rendering performance.1080p 60fps on recent embedded hardware such as Appolo Lake Celerons.

Why eat Pie?

21st November, 2020 - GameEx 16.70
  • Animated PNG support.
  • Fix allows Dpahne exe to have spaces in it.

26th October, 2020 - GameEx 16.67

GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 16.67 released.

New GPU hardware based video recording on Windows 10, supporting HD 60fps and fullscreen esclusive apps.

The video creation tool has also been improved, allowing individual games to be recorrded.

Cleaner Windows start menu

18th October, 2020 - Instant Sheller 1.20

18th October 2020 - Instant Sheller - Version 1.20

When using the default Quicksheller mode the shelled applications directory is set. This fixes various applications that may not work shelled including PinballX and Touch-Play

Download here.

28th September, 2020 - GameEx Price Cut

Long story short, new purchases are becoming few and far between due to the Zombie Apocalypse so GameEx lifetime license has been dropped in price to $40 US for now. If you are lucking enough to still have work, then go for it.

Thanks, and stay safe, Tom

14th September, 2020 - MAME upscaled videos
After three monrhs of solid GPU processing the AI deep learning upscaled MAME video set is now available on the FTP. The videos are at a resolution of 800 x 600 or 600 x 800 for vertical at a frame rate of 30. As far as I am concerned you are free to do what you like with this video set. Enjoy,


20th August, 2020 - GameEx 16.62

Weather is fixed and back, using different API.

4th August, 2020 - GameEx MAME Leaderboard

The GameEx MAME high score leaderboard is here, working and updating:

Right here.

16th July, 2020 - GameEx 16.55

Whenever possible uses 1 to 1 pixel fonts. Not only does this improve quality once loaded and cached also improves performance. This also makes GameEx Arcade Edition and gamelauncher mode look good at low resolutions.

Fixes reduce cpu/sleep not working.

10th July, 2020 - GameEx 16.51

MAME high score support is back and much improved now using hi2txt by and thanks to greatstone. Performance is vastly improved using caching and results are also now published to and available at GameEx Online. A new leaderboard will be available shortly.

Much improved performance for Gamebase systems.

Fixes audio visualizations


4th July, 2020 - GameEx 16.48

Adds support for Daphne game manuals.

2nd July, 2020 - GameEx 16.46

New MAME filter - no multi screen games. This excludes games with multiple screens such as Playchoice 10, when updating the game list. Note that this is on by default.

Slightly faster MAME list update.

There is a new MAME display feature aimed at users of panel displays. When this setting is enabled and a MAME game is set to run close to 60hz, GameEx will inject some additional command line options to slightly slow down or speed up the game resulting in smooth frame rates and low lag. Three techniques are used depending on if your display has a high frequency such as FreeSync or G-Sync and whether the game refresh is slightly faster, falling back to syncing the refresh and not throttling for 60hz displays. A list update is required.

ArcadeVGA settings have been removed from the setup wizard as its fairly legacy now but the settings are still supported. Several other dead settings have also been removed.

The popup game descriptions are now slightly alpha blended.

1st July, 2020 - upscaled

Back in 2001, a guy called David Dries created and some fantastic MAME fan videos.

Skip forward nearly 20 years and I have upscaled three of the videos to 1440p, 60fps smooth motion.

The videos were converted with

You can find the original website here:

The videos can be used as system logos or startup videos.

Download here