MAME Screensaver is a Windows screensaver for MAME.

It allows you to run MAME as a screen saver, randomly playing games at intervals you specify.

Its simple to setup, configure and simple to use, and works just like any other windows screensaver, except when your screensaver kicks in it will randomly and  continuously launch MAME games. With version 0.5 you can play music from a folder while the screensaver is running. Version 0.5 also introduces an advanced list manager and filtering options.

Download version 0.94 (3MB) - May 2011

For feedback, to report bugs, and feature requests please visit the forum here:
MAME Screensaver Forum

.net framework 2

To configure the screensaver, access the screensaver options in Windows under display settings.


11th May 2011
Version 0.95 released. 

12th June 2009
Version 0.94 released. 
Fixes new game timer.

15th October 2008
Version 0.93 released. 
Fixes rights issue on Vista
Automatically filters BIOS images
More responsive
Only fully working on by default

25th April 2008
Version 0.91 released. 
Fixes install issue on 32 bit in 0.90

24th April 2008
Version 0.90 released. 
No longer requires admin privileges.
Works on Vista with user account control turned on.
Installs properly on 64 bit Windows.
If upgrading you will need to configure and update list again.

26th November 2007
Version 0.80 released. 
Fixes for latest version of MAME.

15th March 2007
Version 0.75 released. 
Upgraded to .net 2.
Fixes for latest version of MAME.

12th May 2006
Version 0.73 released. 
There was still an issue with the only working setting, this going back several versions. Its definitely fixed now, but if your upgrading do an update list again.

12th May 2006
Version 0.72 released. 
The Only Working option was making the Screensaver only play non working games! This is now fixed.
Music tracks now free memory.

12th May 2006
Version 0.71 released.
New option to not have the screensaver play clones (which is now default). Music play list now loads on a thread, so does not interfere with the screensaver, and the screensaver will run straight away.

10th April 2006
Version 0.70 released.
This version should be bug free and cause no crashes (exceptions).
There was an issue where the screensaver would cause an exception by generating a random number bigger than the number of games. This was more prevalent the less MAME games you have.

4th April 2006
Version 0.61 released.
Fixes program name in Add/Remove Programs

Version 0.60 released.
Fixes a major issue where if a game filter is specified would always only play one game. By default a game filter is specified, so basically meant the software was not working properly for anyone out the box.
Fixes issue where only fully working games were playing.

5th October 2005
Version 0.50 released.
Automatically bypasses MAKE OK Screens.
Advanced List management and filter options for Games.
Play music from a folder while the screensaver is running, all formats supported and no reliance on windows media player.

27th August 2005
Version 0.27 released.
Updated to work with latest MAME.

14th August 2005
Version 0.26 released. 
When pressing 3,4, or 5 when sound IS on, the game will not exit and re-launch but be immediately available for play.

13th August 2005
Version 0.25 released. 
Now hides the taskbar, completely hiding windows.
New setting to have or not have sound in games.
Pressing 3,4, or 5 on the keyboard will exit the screensaver and then  launch the last game for playing.

12th August 2005
First version made public