Changes for lifetime GameEx users

14th June, 2015    

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I will be making some changes shortly for the pupose of sustainability and moving towards the upcoming GameEx Evolution release (the next and new version of GameEx)
I will be extending to August 2013 eligibitly for current lifetime license holders a free lifetime upgrade to Evolution and liftime GameEx Online.
As the online features such as FTP and GameEx Online are new, users who registered before August 2013 will be demoted to basic members on the forum and lose the new online features. Lifetime free updates for the original GameEx version will still obviously remain in place.
For those affected new licenses can be purchased from the store. New licenses include a free upgrade but there won't be any upgrade pricing until Evolution is released but once Evolution is released prices will likely increase anyway
In summary, the new and upcoming online features will not be included for older lifetime members but lifetime free updates (whie the product is active) will obviously remain.

Note: The 1 year online non gameex pass in the store will not provide a license for GameEx.