Digital Pinball Front End FTP

5th July, 2013    

I have invested in a new dedicated server for the benefit of the community.

The PinballX FTP has moved to the new sever and now offers much more bandwidth and allows many more connections.

EmuMovies has very kindly allowed me to host all their PinCab videos on the new server for the benefit of the digital pinball front end community. As before you will also find on it the gameplay and tutorial videos along with the other existing content such as wheel images. I hope to add more content too shortly.

I also invite any HyperPin users to use the server. You are most welcome to.

I am personally funding this for the benefit of the whole community.

I can't guarantee it will be available forever but right now we are in a good position.


I would also like to again thank Jeremy of EmuMovies for allowing us to use his content. On a personal level he is great to work with (although no pushover!) and he does an incredible job trying to be fair and support all the front ends whilst providing an amazing service unmatched by far.