Forum and registration updates.

11th August, 2014    

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In order to enhnance the experience, build and reward the community and allow for the future we have integrated GameEx registrations with our online community.

GameEx registration now includes various additional online extras. We are also providing a means to obtain these additional benefits for other members of the community.

The good news is, is if you have a valid gameex registration regardless of when you got it you get the online upgrade for free.

We have imported most of our existing members into the new GameEx member groups in the forum.

For automatic promotion all that is needed is for your email on the forum to match the email your registration key was sent to. Please update it and/or signup to the community. If you no longer have access to that email address and have a lifetime license or active 1 year license please send a copy of your receipt in entirety to [email protected] for manual update.

The future, is in you, our community, thank you.

Unfortunatly with these changes the GameEx sale is now over.