GameEx 10.05

14th April, 2009    
With this release there is an official properly compiled lite version included. This has about 28% less code in it and just includes purely core game features. Everything else is removed including plugins and search. Themes are still supported. It should start up and run a fair bit faster. Its not for everyone, but should suit people just wanting gameex for games on older hardware. Because we now have a proper lite version and shortcuts to run GameEx in MAME only mode, the lite and MAME only options have been removed from setup package. This release hopefully also fixes an issue where directinput devices were not reacquired if lost.

Important: With this release I have had to disable the first type of GameEx keys that went out several years ago. If your affected please contact me to get a new key. You are still enittled to a key, just email me. I am sorry for the incovenience. If your email address has changed since you reigstered, I will need the paypal receipt, or else PM from the forum if the email address on the forum is the same as the registered one. Please email in the first instance and not PM. keeps history going back many years.