GameEx 10.10

31st May, 2009    

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A new feature packed release bringing GameEx up to version 10.10.

GameEx now supports a movie database, and there is a new configuration tool included to add custom descriptions and box art for both videos and dvds. You can manually add your own detail and/or automatically download it. The online matching accuracy has been greatly improved also, meaning box art is much more likely to reflect your movies and the automatic download of descriptions is accurate.

Another multimedia enhancment is there is a new a big thumbnail view available.

For MAME support the emu map feature now allows setting game or types of games to run with different command line options avoiding the need to setup another emulator. New games not in MAME can also be added to the GameEx MAME list, and database information and descriptions can also be added. See the exsiting MAME Emu map support for instructions.

This release also contains the new rotate plugin by Headkaze, allowing those of you with hardware rotated monitors to get more use of GameEx.

Headkaze is also busy working on another great feature that should be available soon. This will allow login and logout of GameEx for different users, switchiing settings and data based on who's logged in. There is an initial release on the forum.