GameEx 10.14

17th June, 2009    


  • Theme Editor 2.2 by Ben Baker
    • New feature to right justify title text
    • New option to hide list number text
    • Font styles (bold, italic etc) are now implemented
    • The settings have been tidied up and now both the title font and main font can be changed seperatly
  • Emulator Databases
    • Lawrence has been diligently carrying on Flash's work on the databases, and updated and improved files are available with this release. Thanks Lawrence
    • To get the files do a manual install of GameEx and ensure to keep the database download option selected. As always GameEx will automatically upgrade
  • Other changes
    • Keyboard remapping now supports mouse buttons
    • After GameEx has launched something it now uses less cpu time when running in the background
    • Fixes error at end of install launching setup wizard when UAC is turned on