GameEx 10.24

7th October, 2009    
I am pleased to release GameEx 10.24. I am now running a RTM of windows 7 ultimate x64 and I am pleased to report GameEx runs like silk on it. Significantly better then Vista and potentially XP. No changes were required.

  • Enhancments:
    • DVDs on Disk now features a resume option when returning to a movie
    • When playing videos and DVDs the window can now be resized without stopping playback
    • Snap images and preview videos are now loaded on a thread, providing smoother navigation
    • Faster brigtness adjustment (alpha blending) in 32 bit colour when playing preview videos as the background image
    • Slightly quicker startup and return from emulators
  • Changes:
    • New windows media center start page logo thanks to Alan Reddan
    • Pictures and videos now default to standard user documents paths for new installs
    • VMR9 now default for new installs
    • Detection if preview videos fail and turning off future previews
  • Fixes:
    • Fixes aspect ratio getting distorted in slideshows
    • Some image fille types not playing in slideshows
    • Fixes movie database info not showing for DVDs on Disk when video previews are off