GameEx 10.27

21st November, 2009    


  • GameEx will now detect gamepad attachment and removal
  • Gamepad POV support. Currently can only be customised via custominput.ini. Will be configurable via the setup wizard in the next release.
  • New setting to enable gamepad support just for activity checking. This allows gamepad detection for the screensaver and inactivity timer but ignores usage in the front end. If your using gamepads but using something like xpadder instead of the gameex support then turn this on.
  • Ive spent several days working on the video and dvd playtback resulting n the following fixes and enhancments:
    • Fixes DVD menu overlays not showing
    • On Vista and Windows 7 the Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) is now used instead of VMR 9. This improves quality considerably on windows 7 as VMR 9 does not use any scaling filters on Win 7
    • When EVR is used 4:3 content on widescreen displays will be dynamically streteched as it reaches the edge of the display improving the viewing experience
    • Fixes mouse moving during playback
    • Fixes issue where 4:3 DVDs could not be stretched on widescreen displays
    • Improved memory usage
    • Responsivness improved
    • Removed old compatibilty code used for when Vista RTM was buggy with Aero Glass turned off. GameEx wil now run much better on Vista and Windows 7 if Aero not turned on
    • By default Gameex will use its own player for WMV files and not windows media player now. If you want to play DRM content there is a new setting to use windows media player
  • Fixes first preview video not playing if first item in the list when GameEx starts up
  • New startup animation for default theme
  • Fixes window animations not being restored on exit
  • Headkaze has been working hard on some nice enhancments to the Setup Wizard. They should hopefully be available soon