GameEx 10.41

9th March, 2010    

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  • The MAME list updating now does a more thorough search for recommended and games in series.
  • In addition, when updating the MAME list - MAME32 favorites and custom lists are loaded at the start and any games in these lists are now forced to be present, overriding any other filters.
  • There is a new "remove duplicates/clean list" feature which defaults to on if using a game filter and clones. This produces a clean list of games for MAME, and is more like what I intended from the beginning for GameEx MAME support. Supporting clones but a filtered list.
  • Video box art downloading was broken and is now fixed.
  • Another new feature is now GameEx will try to download a description for DVDs and Videos.
  • When in thumbnail view, video and DVD preview thumbs will be created even if the preview videos setting is off. In addition if it cannot create a preview thumb it will not try again.
  • The preview videos feature has been extended to allow not previewing for DVDs and large video files (ie HD).
  • When selecting ebooks, pictures or videos, GameEx will now navigate directly to within the folder if you only have one path setup.
  • Note: If you are upgrading, the new features are configurable.