GameEx 11.21 - NetPlay

8th September, 2010    

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This is potentially quite a special release and something new.

GameEx now has support for Client/Server MAME and with a custom GameEx client and back end has the potential to offer multi user MAME internet network play using just arcade controls and gamepads.

GameEx code should be stable but it is obviously a slightly experimental release.

I will be extending the GameEx online features and user accounts but for now to use this new feature you will need to get and install a GameEx game card as this creates your user account on the server

I strongly suggest checking this out.

For all comments, support, and suggestions please head over to the forum at

Client/Server MAME and Client/Server MESS is the work of Digital Ghost.

To request a NetPlay you must have port 5805 mapped. GameEx does however try to create this NAT mapping using uPnP and will also try to create a firewall rule for the executable.