GameEx 11.35

9th November, 2010    


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GameEx 11.35 released

What's new:

The jukebox will now stop playing when it reaches the end of the playlist.
The Jukebox has been tightly integrated with YouTube support to allow auto search of albums and playlists and then queuing them to play as videos automatically.
File tag reading is quicker due to updated libraries.

Playlist support. Play all and play all randomly

Search Jukebox has been changed to Search Music and in addition to searching your Jukebox will now search online for albums - match tracks with you tube videos and play all.
Somewhat of a killer feature!
In addition the interface is more intuitive when using a keyboard.

A snap or video can now be selected to be shown when no artwork is found.

The letter select has been improved to support multiple letters so typing "DONKEY" will take you straight to donkey kong in the list.

User Interface
When the application is showing the please wait animation additional status information will now often be shown if the task is taking a while to complete. For example when the Jukebox is scanning for files, ripping a cd or when searching media.
Status messages are shown at the bottom at the screen to give more of an indication of what GameEx is doing in certain situations. For example indicating a music file has been queued.

Web/HTML Application
The web browser control will now automatically resize to full screen when the taskbar is not displayed.