GameEx 11.64

28th March, 2011    
  • This version has code, display and memory usage optimisations including the following changes:
    • Certain graphic images are now only loaded when first drawn improving start-up and display reinitializing speed.
    • Only three emulator databases are kept in memory at one time as opposed to previously all.
    • Several arrays redimensioned to fit.
    • Removed activex web browser control and replaced with .net version. Web pages seem to load and exit a lot quicker now and it allowed several dependencies to be removed..
    • Some unused code and variables removed.
  • Fixes view sometimes not being remembered.
  • Now does a more thorough scan when searching for valid favorites, most and last played games.
  • New compatibility full screen mode fixing a crash when returning from videos for some users and also allowing full screen mode under remote desktop.
  • GameEx is now remote desktop aware and will reinitialise the display if running full screen on session starts and ends.
  • DVDs on disk now scans quicker.
  • DVD Ripping now built in to the interface via the use of Handbrake CLI. Simply place handbrakecli.exe in the GameEx folder.
  • Fixes download timeouts in install package.
  • Now features resume for regular DVD disks.
  • Fixes memory leak when viewing web pages.