GameEx 12.18

8th November, 2011    


This release has had significant time spent on it with the main purpose of giving GameEx unparalleled touchscreen and tablet pc support. Every feature in GameEx has been optimized for touchscreen use and specific touchscreen features have also been implemented for MAME and emulators.
  • Enhancements:
    • All features including search, pictures, ebook reading, video/dvd playback are optimized for touchscreen use.
    • Touchscreen and tablet use now has its own configuration page in the setup wizard where various settings can be altered.
    • Can automatically detect a tablet PC and configure accordingly. Tablet PCs don't use mouse emulation and therefore need some internal tweaks. This is automatic.
    • Thanks to Ben Baker, hooks into MAME to control lightgun and mouse games with a tablet PC and also the ability to send credits and start games with special taps/clicks.
    • For emulators clicks can be mapped to key presses.
    • Ability to filter MAME and GameEx arcade games for only touchscreen compatible games.
    • New screensaver aimed at touchscreen use, which shows date, time, weather, scrolling message and optionally slideshow.
    • Touchscreen setting to exit games and applications with certain clicks.
    • Thanks to Ben Baker the bypass disclaimer feature is now working with modern MAME releases.
    • New feature and setting allowing the ability to quickly resume to the last menu and list when restarting GameEx.
    • New help text feature. This allows a simple way to show information and help when launching MAME, emulators or applications.
    • There are now separate snap image and preview video paths for emulators.
  • Fixes:
    • Many sizing, positioning, theme loading/restoring and scaling issues fixed and improved. Mostly for non theme editor themes.
    • Fixes not properly disabling the all games list when set.
    • Fixes weather icon no longer working.
    • Fixes issue where drawing primitives or weather could crash GameEx.
    • Improved performance of overlays when playing videos and DVDs.
    • Some minor setup wizard fixes thanks to Ben Baker.
  • Changes:
    • Touchscreen usage is only supported with non theme editor themes (ie default themes).