GameEx 12.45

2nd January, 2012    

Happy new year to GameEx users new and old. I am happy to release the first GameEx version of 2012.

  • Theme/Skinning:
    • New static HTPC style list option in the theme editor. This gives an alternative list in the start page menus.
    • New theme editor option to not show the weather condition icon and just the temperature
    • Weather condition icons can now be loaded from a theme if in the [theme]\media\weather folder
    • The auto update image can be used with a theme if in the [theme]\media folder. Change autoupdate1.png
    • Themes now support indivdual background images for start menu items. Located in the media\logos\background folder.
  • Display and Emulators:
    • New game specific background snap folder for emulators and MAME. These images will be shown in the background when browsing the list when set.
    • If the above path is not specified there is a new display mode to show snaps in the background based on existing art paths.
    • Custom artwork paths for emulators now support videos.
    • The image ribbon display mode now support paging up and down.
    • Several minor cosmetic related bugs fixed.
  • Media:
    • GameEx can now act as a full UPNP/DNLA client. This is supported for all media including the jukebox, pictures, media library and Videos. In terms of the Jukebox, GameEx will try to load the entire library and act as it normally does displaying the entire collection. At the present time videos have to be download from the media server and do not stream. The client has been tested with Windows Media Player, Mezzmo and Serviio.
    • GameEx will now download and display artist pictures in the Jukebox and will display these if album artwork cannot be found.
    • New Get MetaData menu option for the Jukebox to download all artwork.
    • Better support of album artwork in the Jukebox.
    • With thanks, GameEx now uses the TMDb API for movie artwork and metadata. In addition it will now download movie ratings. TMDb has a very good search engine so matches appear to be quite accurate. Therefore with this release the movie database utility is legacy and no longer included with the install. Please consider contributing to TMDb.
    • For videos the create snaps menu option is now called Get MetaData since it now also retrieves box art, descriptions, year of release and rating.
    • Their are now three separate folders for videos so GameEx can properly identify metadata. That is Movies, TV shows and other videos. I am currently awaiting approval from to do more with TV shows. Hopefully I will get it,.
    • Again, in my tests the matching is much more accurate than before.
    • GameEx will now display videos at the correct aspect ratio when they have a different display size.