GameEx 12.57

12th May, 2012    

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GameEx 12.57 Released

  • Various fixes and enhancements to UPNP/DLNA client support.
  • Improved download and matching of album and artist artwork.
  • Fixes weather ICON.
  • Improved video/audio sync of video files on most systems.
  • Can now send a left mouse click with send keys by specifying {leftmouseclick}
  • Fixes some instances where GameEx would crash when switching between lists with different views.
  • m2ts extension is now supported for videos.
  • New setting to sync display refresh rate to that of the playing video and DVD.
  • Videos now play at the correct aspect ratio on all versions of windows when the aspect ratio is different to that of the size of the video.
  • Version 4 themes can now be used with Touchscreen support. The standard default menu bar is used.
  • GameEx now disables Windows AutoPlay when running.

For registered users:

  • Preliminary support for playing Blu Ray ISOs.
  • DVD and Blu Ray ISOs can now be played from videos rather than only in DVDs from disk previously.
  • ISO is a supported video extension.
  • Fixes launching exported games from Windows Media Center.