GameEx 12.61

20th May, 2012    
  • Fixes a few issues where incorrect box art and album art would display.
  • New setting to sync display resolution to DVD and videos. If set and supported by your system GameEx will change resolution to match the video. This allows external receivers/processers and displays to upscale the picture instead of Windows. This allows 480p and 576p to be displayed at native res and refresh rate with the refresh setting added a couple of versions ago. It also allows 1080p content to displayed at that resolution if GameEx is running at a lower resolution.
  • When GameEx is set to run at a specific resolution DVDs and any use of the web browser will now also run at that resolution.
  • Fixes issues where folder icon in list was only displaying if MAME ICONs where enabled.
  • For registered users when browsing video folders GameEx will detect a DVD folder structure and allow playback.
  • GameEx can now also be used as a standalone video and DVD player if opening with a supported file including DVD and Blu Ray ISOs. If used in this manner GameEx will also always act as a registered version.