GameEx 12.71

16th July, 2012    
  • MP3, OGG, and AIF audio files are now supported for theme sound files.
  • The database engine has been moved from MS Access to SQLite. There are new emulator databases available in the new format and game data and movie databases will be upgraded to SQLite on first run of this version. Access .mdb files are still backwards compatible for game databases.
  • Automatic download of artwork and videos via emumovies. If GameEx can login it will automatically download. Snaps, Titles, Marquees, Cabinets, Boxes and Carts along with MP4 videos. For free EmuMovies users screenshots will be downloaded and EmuMovies has generously allowed snaps to only count towards a quarter of the daily usage limit.
  • For registered users experimental support for running on Linux and Mac under Wine. In addition an experimental Mac OS X package is available on the download page. It is experimental and features have been removed. GameEx and the install package will detect if running under wine and act accordingly. Wine - Mono is required and it will also run under the official .net framework 2 SP 1. The Mac package runs out of the box. There are no prior requirements. Just unzip and launch. It has Wine and Wine-Mono built in.It is hoped eventually a native version will be released running under MONO only.
  • Audio tag reading has beem improved.