GameEx 13.15

8th August, 2013    
GameEx 13.15 released.
  • Many updated emulator databases thanks to Flash. We are always looking to improve them and could do with some help. If you would like to contribute please contact GreatFlash via the forums.
  • Adds publisher support from the system databases, featuring full listing, categorisation and linking. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Adds back the system biography which has been missing for some time. (Only supported with modern theme versions).
  • Another new database feature thanks to Flash is that when using database game names bracketed information can be shown and nicely formatted for cases where there are multiple regions or discs. (Remove brackets has to be turned off).
  • New setting to format game names (renamed from previous setting) which performs a little more formatting of file names to make them look nicer.
  • The in game / pause feature has been greatly improved and includes support for a key combo and gamepad hot buttons to access the feature. The feature is also now more reliable, resilient and stable. It also now properly pauses and resumes any system. It works with the latest MAME and many emulators but if it is not compatible GameEx will gracefully return to to the game. Note: The feature has been moved to its own sub section in the setup wizard under input and the settings are now stored in custominput.ini.
  • Fixes controls Meta Data for the latest MAME release (this had broken the UltraStik plugin).
  • Updated Game Info plugin by Adultery.
  • New Quick Launch plugin by Adultery easily allowing you to launch multiple programs before and after games.
  • The system databases are now included with the installer. They are no longer a separate download and will update automatically.
  • We now have more standardised naming of gaming systems and emulators thanks to Headkaze and several files have been renamed and updated.
  • The plugin system has been updated to 1.41 with events now receiving publisher, system biography, and video snap path.