GameEx 13.26

6th May, 2014    

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  • Fixes Steam support for latest client
  • Updated plugins by Ben Baker
  • Updated MAME mapping utility by Tempest
  • Updated Plugins by Adultery
  • Fixes GameEx In Game/Pause settings wrong in Seup Wizard.
Finally some news on the big picture and GameEx Evolution.
You may be aware that one of the new features of GameEx Evolution is GameEx Online. GameEx online provides access to your games library online through any web browser and also allows remote access to your front end.
Online and social features are a core part of GameEx Evolution. GameEx online is already in use for PinballX and work has been taking place on the GameEx version of this.
I am pleased to say we have a special treat for all GameEx VIPS and Elites and with this release and going forward you get to use the new GameEx Online for GameEx in Beta up until the Evolution release.

Please feel free to provide any feedback on the forums.