GameEx 14.30

14th July, 2015    


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A significant update to GameEx and GameEx Online.
  • GameEx Online:
    • Ability to rate games and add descriptions. These are shared across all users and ratings are averaged. They are automatically downloaded and matched with your games when logging into GameEx online from GameEx and added to your game lists.
  • GameEx
    • Ability to rate games within the front end once logged into GameEx Online. These are published online and shared across all users.
    • Rating games on the web site also updates the front end instantly.
    • New highest rated list showing your games by rating.
    • New live most played and favorites lists which become available once logged in. These lists match your games with the user bases most played and favorited games.
    • New privacy setting to disable public listing of your game library.
  • Gamesbase
    • Video snaps are supported for Gamebase systems. Simply add your video folder as an additional picture/screenshot path.
    • Support for the modified GBlauncher by Mattia.M78 allowing launching of extras.
  • Interface
    • When browsing database data such as categories and years GameEx will show a collage of videos for each item.

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