GameEx 14

16th December, 2014    

GameEx version 14

  • GameEx Online, part of GameEx Evolution.
  • For those eligible to a free upgrade to GameEx Evolution.
  • Access at from any device anywhere with no configuration required.
  • Browse all your games by genre, company, decade and more.
  • Launch and exit your games in GameEx from and device.
  • View your favourites, the same game on other systems or have GameEx Online recommend new games for you that are popular with other users.
  • Shutdown and control volume and exit and start GameEx.
  • . Full online Setup Wizard – completely configure GameEx and apply and restart.
  • Game cards and social media posting.
  • List management and database and rating editing coming soon.
  • Remotely stream all your videos, music and ebooks to any device at any location with no router configuration required.
  • Request remote assistance and send invitations to others to help and gain access.
  • This is a complete server solution. No router or firewall configuration required.
  • Access from Hong Kong, New York, or Timbuktu.
  • The future and will be in active development. Expect more features soon.
  • New GameEx Databases thanks to Flash:
    • Total rebuild of ScummVM database, now complete as of V1.7, to support the new ScummVMDC tool.
    • New ScummVM config creator included with install.
    • Rebuild of NES database, though needs a lot of manual editing.
    • Rebuild of VCS database.
    • Massive work on SNES database.
    • All other databases have had large updates and changes.
    • Additional databases added for many other previously un-listed systems.
  • New completely redesigned.