GameEx 5.37 - lots of new features

15th January, 2006    
  • The initial production release of GameExtender is here.
  • As far as I know its a world first for front ends.
  • When enabled GameEx runs a tiny web server when running, this outputs sort of like an LCD Display on steroids, on either the same pc, or any networked or internet worked PC.
  • You can see exactly whats going on with GameEx from a web browser, or via the included viewer, which gives a full screen output.
  • You have to check it out.
  • In addition, I believe another world first for an integrated front end is the ability to view the control panel while MAME is playing, by pressing a defined key (default is L). Thanks to HeadKaze for the idea, help and inspiration.
  • If thats not enough, in advanced emulator config inis you can now specify up to 10 buttons.
  • NOTE: GameExtender only works with registered versions of GameEx.