GameEx 5.45

25th January, 2006    

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  • When viewing game artwork full screen you can now navigate through the other artwork without going back, and can also view the snap even if your using video previews. A feature request asked for several times.
  • More intuitive display initialisation:
  • If GameEx cant set a full screen resolution it will run at the current windows resolution and not error.
  • When 32 bit colour not available will automatically switch to 16 bit colour.
  • Much better compatibility with Remote Desktop/Terminal Services. Because of the above should run full screen without changing settings.
  • In most cases GameEx will not crash when connecting to it through remote desktop.
  • Fixes issue where any advanced emulator config game device mapping was mapping all buttons above 6 to 6.
  • Fixes slowdown issue navigating emulator lists when GameExtender enabled and you have no snap for a game.
  • Fixes toolbar not working when media controls disabled.