GameEx 5.50

5th February, 2006    
  • Enhancements
    • A new theme with two variations is now included - "MCE Glossy" and "Default New". Many thanks to Alan R. The MCE Glossy theme really is something special and worth the download.
    • There is a new theme picker available right within GameEx to allow you to preview themes and change on the fly.
    • GameEx now plays a "Please Wait" animation when its performing tasks that are going to take several seconds.
    • Its now possible to continue playing music after launching an emulator, and its possible to skip go to previous and stop the Jukebox music while running an emulator.
    • GameExtender Viewer application has been optimized to run faster.
    • Fixes attract mode when its set just to play videos
    • GameExtender Viewer now resizes correctly when the resolution is changed
    • Fixes Jukebox not disabled when installing for MCE or Games only usage.
  • Changes
    • Replaced the rectangular blue GameEx logo in all themes.