GameEx 5.70 - Huge Update

18th February, 2006    

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  • Ive been busy on GameEx and am pleased to release this version. It skips a few versions to show its of substantial improvement. Im going to list the enhancements by what they relate to in GameEx, and then list the fixes at the end:


  • Enhancements:
    • Themes/Theme Editor:
      • Thanks to Ben AKA HeadKaze, GameEx now has an awesome theme editor.
      • Its really a fantastic enhancement to GameEx, and is beautifully coded.
      • You must check it out, its highly substantial so I want list all the features but will just say what is not implemented just yet: Font Colour cant be changed just yet, Custom Emu backgrounds, and custom control panel will be coming soon. The editor only works with V2 themes (templates included in the install,) and currently these are fixed to full screen usage only. There maybe a few minor issues with all this, so if you find any please report on the forum.
    • MAME:
      • New lists for Horizontal and Vertical games
    • Control/Input:
      • There is an option to use all and any attached Game device at the same time rather than just the first device or chosen one.
      • Theres a shortcut control to show the game information page, so you can add to favourites etc if you turned this off
    • Emulators:
      • Database support. GameEx now has database support for emulators, allowing you to navigate and show games much like you do for MAME. You can navigate by name, manufacturer, category, and year, and descriptions are shown for the games. Thanks to Craig Steinbeck theres an already an N64 database done, which is included with the install. Huge thanks Craig, without you this wouldve been months off.
      • Theres an option for each emulator to run as a single PC Game. So if you have an emulator setup just as one game, say you have special control mappings for it, you can have GameEx skip displaying the list and just have gameex launch the first/only game.
    • Jukebox:
      • Added FLAC support
      • Theres now a CD Player with automatic CDDB internet lookup.
      • For registered users GameEx now has a one click CD Ripper. Simply insert a CD, Rip with full tag support, and automatically add it your library and play - without dropping back to windows.
      • There a small graphic equalizer that displays when a track is playing, either on the taskbar, or if the track is currently visible in the showing list, next to the track name.
      • New: Playlist. You can now view and navigate the current Jukebox play list.
    • Display:
      • Theres an additional even bigger font size setting.
      • Please Wait animation is more slick, and only displays if waiting more than a second. Theres also new graphics for this for the other non MCE style included themes so it blends in nicely.
  • Fixes
    • MNG videos no longer flicker.
    • Fixes configuration application truncating removed games.
    • Fixes custom emulator background video back bug.
    • Screensaver videos not playing
    • Various other fixes.