GameEx 5.80 & 5.81

13th March, 2006    
  • A ton of emulator databases are included with special thanks to Dave R. (AKA Incubus)
  • Ive also improved and fixed the parsing of the databases to fix where theres no date, and provided some built in formatting and cleaning of the description and category.
  • See here for more information on database support, and how you can help:
  • I have fixed the play random videos option, and also improved it so it now does a shuffle, instead of just randomly select files, meaning videos wont be played again until the list has been parsed. Been wanting to do that for a while, making this feature pretty good now in my opinion.
  • GameEx now attempts to download and show box art for Videos when enabled.
  • Something very cool, for folks running on good hardware. The 3D Transition (selected under display settings), have been greatly enhanced to give a very slick alpha blended 3d effect when going between menus. Not many front ends do such things. Only one I know is Windows Media Centre. It makes GameEx look even more flash and very cool in my opinion, but dont even bother with it if you have less than P4 1.8GHZ and a Radeon 8000 (or equivalent).
  • Fixes please wait animation still showing after GameEx start-up on unregistered versions.
  • Ive also upped the minimum requirements to a P3 700Mhz instead of 500Mhz. GameEx may run on less though, but I want people to know GameEx is really for newer systems.
  • Improved loading speed of some menus including start page a lot.
  • 5.81 allows the playing of MNG video previews for other emulators.