GameEx 5.92

19th April, 2006    

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  • First of all Id like to give a huge thanks to Headkaze, for all his help on this release and for all his work on the theme editor. We worked together a lot the passed couple of weeks and he contributed massively.
  • Theres been too many fixes too mention, including minor cosmetic fixes, and attract mode runs smoother. I wont list them all here and Ill just focus on the enhancements and new features.
  • GameEx has been optimized a fair bit again, and this version runs significantly faster.
  • Ive also shaved a bit of the EXE image size.
  • The biggest new feature in this release is support for vertical rotated displays. Theres a few restrictions on the resolutions you can use with this, but turning on this one setting will also automatically configure MAME for vertical games only, and also automatically configure ArcadeVGA for vertical resolutions when running MAME. There is a screenshot here
  • The other big thing is that this release includes HeadKazes Theme Editor version 1.51 which now allows the image display to be positioned separately from the menus in GameEx, and includes various other fixes and updates. There is still some functionality to implement in GameEx for the editor, but there should not be any outstanding issues, and it is now possible to change the font colour.
  • Theres a new setting to Show Buttons, allowing complete removal of both the Home and Exit buttons.
  • A new setting to not display the title text.
  • Theres a new GameEx logo. Again thanks Headkaze.
  • A new feature for the Attract Mode/Screensaver. Theres the ability to play a sound file when exiting attract mode after its been running for over 6 minutes. The idea is to make it fun when the cabs been running a while, and someone walks up to use it. 
  • Much like how GameEx can dynamically use Zinc to launch MAME games based on PSX hardware it can now do the same and has support for Model 2 hardware and the Model 2 emulator. Most of the work for this is done in the background, and theres only two settings to set to get this up and running. Note after setting it up youll need to update the list again.