GameEx 6.13

20th May, 2006    

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  • When viewing a picture in the pictures module, you can now navigate to next and previous pictures by pressing the arrow keys
  • GameEx will now dynamically rotate the display when the TAB key is pressed (assuming not running windowed and resolution is low enough)
  • GameEx will not automatically filter the list for Vertical only games when rotated, but use the Show Horiz/Vert setting in the config to decide. Theres now an additional option to make this automatic based on the orientation of the display
  • New menu option to launch the Screensaver at any time
  • A much requested feature - the ability to navigate jukebox tracks backwards and forwards when the screensaver is running
  • Fixes some themes crashing when launching a game or upating the list
  • Fixes possible crash and other issues when using a custom video or image background for an emulator
  • Fixes More Games & Programs not showing in recent versions for some users