GameEx 6.21 to 6.27

28th May, 2006    

amlodipin krka

  • First off sorry for the delay in posting whas new
  • These releases are to do with the GameExtender functionality which I still have more big plans for.
  • If you didnt know GameExtender is the name for the networking side of GameEx.
  • As the first post of the year states, theres going to be a lot more going on with this functionality in the future
  • The latest installment of this is an option (turned on by default) to publish what your cab or HTPC is doing to the gameex web site. Check out the live page at
  • I realise its a bit self indulgdment of me to have this turned on by default, and I apologise for that. Although hopefully yourll all mostly like it
  • You can change the user name thats displayed and the message thats displayed under the GameExtender settings in the config
  • You can also turn off the publish to server option if you dont want to participate in this. Although rest assured no info is collected.
  • Anyway I have more plans for GameExtender but dont like commiting to things as regulars know as its less fun for me that way.