GameEx 6.58

24th August, 2006    
  • Various optimizations and non cosmetic fixes that may make GameEx run a little a faster, startup faster and return from games a little faster. Please let me know if you notice improvements
  • Fixes games missing from the end of emulators lists
  • The last and most played games now only show at the top of an emulator list if theres more than 25 items
  • Radio stations now load on a thread, so there is no waiting or long pause when loading stations. They will start to play when complete
  • For non theme editor themes theres an additional animation when an item is selected on the first start page where the selected item zooms in a little
  • GameEx will not exit with an error if an emultor is not setup correctly but will just disable the emulator and log the error
  • When paging through long lists after a while GameEx will start paging two pages at a time
  • I think thats everything. Enjoy