GameEx 7.09

11th December, 2006    

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  • Enhancments:
    • Plugin system 1.1:
      • Enhanced timer event
      • Updated C# Template
      • A Visual Basic .net template now included
      • New Plugin included, Just for fun and the source code is included. Small tribute to Dig Dug
    • Theres a new setting - cab control friendly. This makes navigation of the user interface easier when using sensitive joysticks and gamepads. With this turned on, controls have to be held down to navigate left and right. So it should resolve accidentily navigating outside the game list or menus. Something I should have done a long time ago. I am sure some people did not use GameEx in their cab because of that
  • Optimisations
    • Lots of optimisations in this release
    • GameEx starts up quicker uses less memory and may run a little quicker
    • The configuration application starts up and runs significantly faster
    • The gameex install should finish installation quicker
  • Fixes
    • Fixes English (Default) selection missing from install in recent versions
    • Fixes to emulator caching. This should fix all issues with lists not refreshing and changes to settings not taking affect