GameEx 7.50

30th January, 2007    

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I'm pleased to present the first GameEx release of 2007. There has been a lot of fixes and optimisations and the entire project has been upgraded to .net framework 2.0. Because of .net 2.0, auto update will not work until you upgrade manually to this version or future versions. You obviously need .net 2.0 installed but the setup will automatically download it for you.

The main new features and enhancments are as follows:
  • Setup wizard now features a search for setting feature.
  • Includes Ben Bakers LCD/LED Plugin
  • Plugin system 1.3 with included .net 2.0 source code templates
  • Speech plugin now speaks game descriptions
  • New plugn - random arcade sound
  • For registered users theres a PDF game manual viewer for MAME and emulators
  • New setting to disable the game information page at the emulator level
  • New setting to have gameex not hide the windows taskbar
  • Picture and slideshows now show the GameEx toolbar when the mouse is active
  • The progress dialog bar when playing videos and dvds now takes up less screen space
  • GameEx should startup and run faster
  • Fixes menu crash issue with certain themes
  • Fixes games not launching when game information page is disabled in certain configurations
  • Fixes display issues with certain fonts
  • There's more but that's the main changes

Coming soon is search functionality and a new additional theme/interface style.

I would like to again thank Ben Baker for his continued help and support.

Note: If your upgrading from a previous version and get an exception when running GameEx or at the end of the install. Delete any files ending in .exe.config from the gameex installl directory (normally c:\program files\gameex)