GameEx 7.73

14th March, 2007    

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  • Full video and DVD support in Vista
  • Volume control working in Vista
  • Windowed mode in Vista Aero is enhanced and no longer shuts down Aero
  • Cosmetic enhancments to the user interface when showing game info header, it fades.
  • Title toolbar auto scrolls out and hides with V1 themes when mouse not active, when set to always show
  • Fixes list issues after selecting play random videos
  • Fixes issue with not able to disable screensaver in some cases
  • Create snap on thread feature has been removed
  • New theme included "Media Center" and is the default
  • When playing a video or DVD windows screensaver is disabled
  • Full support for HTML apps in Vista
  • More responsive when playing videos or dvd's
  • The MAME list update is much more system friendly, and will allow you to do other things on your PC while its running, and no black screen when in full screen and alt tabbing out
  • Fixes volume control with SlikStik and DirectInput
  • Thanks to Headkaze - Theme Editor 1.76. It supports custom layouts for the different modules, but I still need to implement this in GameEx.
  • Should fix text being truncated in V2 themes when game list is shown on the left of the screen
  • Window Maximize button enabled when GameEx is displaying in a window
  • <
  • New settings to change resoluton and refresh rate based on frame rate of DVDs and Videos
  • When GameEx is windowed it will now only draw to the screen when it has focus.
  • New setting to make the menu text same size as the game text. To turn on in theme.ini use MenuTextSameSize=False. This is a very welcome feature for low resolutions on cabs.
  • New theme.ini setting GradientTitleFont=True. And LowerCaseTitleFont. Look at the new Media Center theme for example
  • New functionality to be able to stop and start Jukebox with gamepad, keyboard and arcade controls
  • 3D transitions are slightly faster and improved
  • Updated MCE Glossy theme for widescreen usage
  • The GameEx display main loop may run a little faster
  • GameExtender server uses less cpu time