GameEx 8.00

6th April, 2007    
  • Fixes Karaoke
  • Fixes track navigation not working in slideshow
  • Fixes two launching emulator stability issues, that address a windows error and gameex closing (not showing gameex log)
  • Fixes and improved m4a audio support
  • Updated model 2 loader script by Ben Baker for latest version of the emu
  • New "Emulator Groups" feature. This allows several emulators to be in one list
  • Fixes show info page setting for emulators
  • New emulator setting to not have an emulator launched from random game, and not display in most played. Useful if you've set up an emulator to launch a comic viewer or picture viewer etc
  • Emulator also launch setting now allows passing of GameEx variables such as [ROMDIR] and [ROMFILE]
  • For registerd users: CD/DVD support. GameEx can check for CDs and prompt for insertion. Allowing protected retail games to be integrated into the front end, and allowing access to offline content.
  • Fix to autoupdate. Will no longer reset language back to English
  • Happy easter and thank you for all your continued encouragment and support. Enjoy!