GameEx 8.16

16th June, 2007    
  • It may not seem much from these release notes, but theres a lot of code gone into this release
  • Finally with help from Headkaze the Sendkeys used in GameEx is now fully stable and improved. It works better and fixes crashes in windows and gameex when sending keys to an emulator from GameEx and when sending keys on exit via an advanced config file
  • On the subject of advanced config files, 12 gamepad buttons are now supported, and there's a new section for remapping keys similar to AutoHotKey. Its not quite good enough for realtime gaming but is meant to cover the common issue of when credit and start buttons cant be redefined in PC games, and avoids the need for additional autohotkey scripts in that scenario. Its not far off realtime and does handle simultaneous keys, and Im pretty certain I can get it realtime in a future release