GameEx 8.28

12th July, 2007    

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  • Music track details in taskbar now scrolls
  • New features to specify a different folder of music to play while browsing different emulators
  • Taskbar stays visible when mouse is over it, so you can see track details (V1 Themes)
  • If GameEx cannot play a background video (normally due to missing codecs) it will now not error and display the image instead
  • Fixes rom name instead of game name showing on info page when using a map file
  • No more command/dos windows are shown.. Ever.. Headkaze will be cracking a beer open!
  • Improved startup of MAME and in screensaver also
  • Improved bypass disclaimer, will only send keys when it needs to.
  • Ambience MP3 will stop (for good) when loading the jukebox
  • Possible to exit from MAME game in screensaver almost immediately after its started
  • If the jukebox is disabled and your using a playlist folder or file, gameex will retrieve the tags for each track now
  • If using a low res aracdeVGA resolution, the control panel will now be completely visible when launching a MAME game.
  • After exiting an emulator, the current audio track will be resumed exactly from where it was rather than playing the next track