GameEx 8.63

29th July, 2007    

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  • New GameLauncher mode feature.
  • This feature completely changes the way the user interface works is controlled and displays. It puts GameEx into a simple game mode, with simpler menus, simpler navigation, sinply navigating through your available game lists. Many of the menus are disabled by turning on this setting, and only games lists are available. Navigation is much simpler with paging by pressing left or right, and button 1 and 2 navigate the available lists. Button3 launches game. Recommended for simple cab setups, where you want to lock things down or its for young children. It also supports low resolutions such as 320X240.
  • Small screensaver stability fixes
  • GameEx setup will now automatically detect old version of MDAC (Micrsoft data access components), and download and install latest version. This is for Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
  • It wont be for everyone, but the Gamelauncher feature turns GameEx into an almost completely different front end. Its like the original GameLauncher app, but with the power and advanced configuration of GameEx. I already credit Dave Dribin for helping inspire me with GamEx, but hats off to the original Game launcher