GameEx 9.03

20th December, 2007    

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  • A fairly nice update featuring some new features
  • MAME Bezels are no longer a registered version feature
  • New feature to display game information and rating bezels for the screensaver. This looks really nice, and you can thank Headkaze for this.
  • Updated model 2 support to work with latest version. GameEx will also detect whether to use the multi cpu version automatically
  • IMPORTANT: Older versions of the model 2 emulator prioir to commnad line support are NO longer supported. GameEx will detect an old version at startup, and exit with an error to that affect if it finds one.
  • Basic control panel support for emulators has been implemented. You can specify an image folder for control panels now. If GameEx finds an image based on name, you will get a view controls option on the game info page, and same as for MAME GameEx will show the image for 9 seconds when launching a game. I don't forrsee expanding on this much, and if you want better control panel support I recommend using Headkaze's CPWizard.
  • When playing radio stations GameEx now shows the track/title information when available
  • Should fix array bounds error on startup when using GameLauncher mode
  • Fixes theme editor menu/info positioning issue
  • I'd like again to thank the GameEx community for al there hard work and support, and wish you all Happy Holidays