GameEx 9.15

22nd March, 2008    

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  • For registered users GameEx now features a fully functional search feature. Allowing searching of all games and media. The search feature works with remotes, game pads and arcade controls.
  • The media library now allows access to ebooks and Karaoke
  • The paging arrows are now more inuiitive and display based on the state of the list. They also animate slightly when first shown
  • The displaying of the amount of items in the list is now slightly animated when switching between lists
  • The number of items is now shown for an emulator or emulator group before accessing the list item
  • GameEx will retain the window state after an update instead of being forced into full screen
  • Fixes snap videos not being displayed when navigating from most played or favorites
  • New setting to lock down GameEx to only work with a single emulator or emulator group. All other menus are disabled
  • Fixes emulator music playlist folder when only one file in folder
  • Happy Easter