GameEx 9.18

28th March, 2008    
  • Fixes and performance update
  • Fixes background videos not playing if the theme has anibak turned on (slightly animated backgrounds)
  • Fixes issue where all video previews could be alphablended. Ths might involve a good performance increase on some systems
  • Fixes having background videos makes gameex not startup
  • Fixes several directdraw erros that could cause gameex to error and finish
  • Drawing text to the display has been optimized a little
  • An automatic optimisation is performed by GameEx on systems that are running slowly after a period of time to turn off AniBak
  • Hopefully GameEx will run on more systems now, and Ill see a few less error reports coming in
  • Also contains updated Italian translation by sbaby
  • There will also be two new themes available shortly with fixed video backgrounds that will only work best with this release and going forward thanks to the fixes. They will be uploaded shortly. COM and Abyss