GameEx 9.20

27th April, 2008    
  • Lots of minor fixes and polishing in this release
  • When map files are used fixes gameex displaying the rom name instead of the game name throughout the application
  • Fixes aspect ratio for video previews
  • Fixes issue where creating snaps would only create for the last played games
  • Create snaps now also works for goodset 7zip setups
  • Startup videos (if AVI, or MPEG) now play on a thread and GameEx continues to startup in the background
  • The last played icon on the start page has been changed to show the snap or video of the last played game
  • All applications are now signed (I missed a few previously)
  • GameExtender viewer has been improved to show status text when connecting, and It will now longer stop responding if it cant connect
  • GameExtender Viewer has also been improved to fade in new images
  • Fixes GameExtender server not sending control panel image when a MAME game is playing. GameExtender server has also been improved so when actually playing a game artwork will be sent as full scnreen images
  • There should be quicker return from games on most systems, due to some additional graphics caching
  • Ten more emulator slots in advanced configuration application, and this release fixes the crash when trying to import an emulator without selecting one
  • All emulator configs now have Show Desktop on as default
  • Fixes Visual Pinball and Project 64 Configs
  • The hot key to rotate the display has been changed from TAB to CTRL-TAB
  • There are also lots of other small fixes in this release
  • Id be very interested to hear peoples experiences with GameExtender on the forum