GameEx 9.30

21st May, 2008    
  • New feature to use Ben Bakers CPWizard instead of the in built control panel viewer. Yourll find the settings for this under Advanced MAME settings. Please support Ben and his great software.
  • When using ZIP support for an emulator, if only one file is matched in the archive the game information page will act as it normally does and will show Play This Game instead of listing the contents of the archive
  • When browsing folders, you can now show an image for the folder by placing a folder.png or folder.jpg in it
  • Fixes Karoake and video player in some configurations
  • Contains Ben Bakers LCD/LED Plugin latest version
  • Fixes performance issue with videos/snap videos playing as the background image on Vista or with ATI cards when Videos are set to alpha blend
  • Slightly quicker startup speed
  • UNC paths are now supported throughout the application