GameEx 9.31

2nd June, 2008    
  • This is a major release, and features a new user interface also known as version 3 themes
  • The aim is to improve on the initial GameEx interface, offering things such as album and track display, two artwork previews at the same time, and a horizontal menu
  • The user interface will be expanded in the future to allow positional skinning and image lists
  • Most of the default themes have been changed, but the original version 1 themes are still available
  • You can see a video of what this all looks like here
  • Ben Baker AKA Headkaze has also been working extremely hard and this release contains his brand new ultrastick 360 plugin along with an update to the LCD/LED plugin now supporting BetaBrite USB
  • This release fixes horrizontal DVD menu navigation, along with Daphne games not being able to be added to favorites
  • When GameEx is windowed, the position and moving has been improved on non Vista Systems