GameEx 9.33

7th June, 2008    
  • Album and DVD artwork downloading is working again. It needed to be rewritten to work with Amazon's latest API as the older API is no longer active
  • In addition album artwork is also now downloaded when GameEx starts playing a new track and for each track played as well as just downloading when viewing a track or album in the list in the Jukebox
  • Fixes Gamelauncher theme not loading
  • Minor fixes to the fix to emulator list feature
  • Theres a new quality setting for eBooks and comics, giving the opporutinity to use a normal quality setting and have them load up faster
  • 3D menu transitions can now be used on Vista and with version three themes
  • An item has been added to the FAQ which explains what to do if your not getting SPDIF passthrough when playing DVDs