GameEx 9.38

5th July, 2008    

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  • Includes Ben Baker's (AKA Headkaze) latest LCD/LED Plugin now featuring support for Ultimarcs latest product, the U-HID
  • Initial support for the new database project. With support for new naming fields, ability to select naming type, and new biography page in GameEx
  • Emulator list music playlist option now stops playing the music when exiting from browsing the emulator
  • Fixes issue where reading audio tags information would hang GameEx on Vista. This affected using the Jukebox in file tag mode and when using emulator specific playlists
  • Fixes issue where zip support would only list more than one game in the same zip if there were three or more separate games
  • A very special thanks goes out to Headkaze and Greatflash and all involed in the new database project.